Who We Are

Michael and I (Kristin) are two nerds who love to have fun and seek adventure. We love going to Barnes & Noble to have coffee over a math or reading date. We are also big card and board gamers; we play a mean game of Ticket to Ride! 


Although we are silly, nerdy book worms, the outdoors also excites us both. Hiking and outdoorsy adventures are a must for us. We are thankful that we live in a state with so many beautiful hiking opportunities. We are suckers for any trail that leads us to a waterfall! 


We also have two beautiful daughters who have joined our crazy adventure through life and she makes it even more fun!    

Why I  Love Photographing Families & Babies

Shortly after we got married, my favorite thing to do was to photograph weddings. Being at a wedding all day getting to see and feel the couples emotions, still brings me back to our amazing wedding day. Then we had our first daughter and man did the baby bug bite hard. Now that we have a beautiful family, I love being able to enjoy a few hours with other families. Learning about their family members and hearing about their adventures this far and their plans for the future. It becomes even more exciting as families return year after year. Although, I miss having Michael come to sessions with me, getting to watch a family forget about the ever growing to do list and take a few hours of their day to fully engage with eachother while capturturing their laughs, gigles, and smiles just melts my heart!